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The new age of link building is upon us. Google is now getting serious about giving no value to paid links after they figure out how to do it. So the time for contextual links is upon us all and its time to make the change. The only sure way to avoid being detected by Google for paid links is through contextual links. Now if you are able to write unique and amazing content and getting natural links to your site then good on ya. But 89% of webmasters are unable to do that so we rely on paid links as a source of advertising and SEO.

This is were the WP Bankroll Plugin comes in to change the way we buy and sell permanent links on the internet.

THIS SITE & Full Script ownership is for sale - Contact - jason  (at the ) wpbankroll.com


Here are some of the reviews that I found people are making about this plugin.

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If interested in joining this list feel free to blog about it and when we see that you have sent some traffic to the site we will add you to the list.


WP Bankroll is a wordpress plugin that will transform your current or new blog into a paid or free blogging site. You can use this to get free content from your readers, use to write paid reviews on websites, or just generally sell blog posts written by you or the sponsor.

  • Powerfull backend for integration with Paypal. Uses IPN to track payments.
  • Offer blogger written posts, sponsor written posts, or allow free posts.
  • Options to set max links per post, minimum word count, and cost.
  • Ability to allow submission with Tags along with the post. Requires a Tag plugin to work.
  • Allow featured posts. Featured posts cost extra and will recieve a link to their post on the sidebar. Option to select how many to randomly display in your sidebar and an option to set the price.
  • Admin option to set posting guidlines, a disclosure phrase at the end of each post, and the ability to select which of your blogs categories are open to submission.
  • Extremely easy installation. Upload plugin folder, active plugin, and insert one line of code into your sidebar.

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Free Version

We offer a free version of WP Bankroll. This version includes all the features of the paid versions but it requires a link back to this site. With the free version you still get full support on our support forums and get free upgrades to the plugin when they are released.

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Single License

The single license gives you the rights to use the plugin on only one site. The single license plugins benifit is that your copy of the plugin comes with link removal.

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Unlimited License

The unlimited license gives you the rights to use the plugin on every site that you own. The unlimited license plugins benifit is that your copy of the plugin comes with link removal and you can use on unlimited number of sites.

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